I am not sure why such a great URL was available, but I’m going to use it! If you found this, and you would like to help me make this blog worthy of the name, then I invite you to help me. My favorite things are results, unusual happenings (in a replay), or even tests.

While this blog was founded in 2016, this post was not written then. It was written 8/22/18.

For example, years ago I played a team against itself for 162 games using my lineups versus Pankin optimizer lineups. I think my lineups won, but I lost several memorized replays, my 1971 season disk, and some of my memory when I switched from Windows to Mac during my bout with leukemia. (The chemotherapy hurt my memory, not the switch from Windows to Mac.) I will have to repeat that experiment if I am to be certain.

Today, I will re-start a replay of the 1954 Cleveland Indians, San Francisco Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers, and Milwaukee Braves. I was going to play them in a 4-game league of 54-game league. I am 4 days in, but I decided to shorten the tournament to 24-games (playing each other team 8 times). I will have to initialize (restart) the schedule to do this.

I will play the tourney with those 1954 teams, then proceed to tournaments with World Series teams. My son and daughter-in-law bought me all the APBA World Series disks for my birthday one year. Great gift! I will keep overall individual records for all the tourneys and keep and ongoing champion as the tourneys progress. Maybe I will play the four winners after each four tournaments.

Off to restart the current tournament!