I have all kinds of projects I hope to put on this blog, but they will have to wait until 2017.

“Time Travel” leagues are leagues in which I insert players who ostensibly showed up from the future and somehow managed to join a major league baseball team and change that year’s outcome. I create those players, often adapted from real players.

I once boosted the 1954 Boston Red Sox with four “time travel” players, and they tied the Cleveland Indians for first place. Cleveland won the playoff and went on to play the Milwaukee Brewers in the world series. They had won handily after a 30-game winning streak through the summer put them ahead of the Giants and Dodgers. The NL had been entirely managed by a computer manager, and that is just how things turned out.

I no longer have the records of that season that I played years ago. The purpose of this blog is to play other seasons like that one and give their results here. See you in 2017.