24-Game Tournaments

My 24-game tournaments are 4-team tournaments, each one playing the other 3 teams 8 times. The plan is to use mostly World Series teams for these tournaments. This prompted me to shoot for seven games against each other team in the tournament like there are in the World Series. Choosing 8 rather than 7 allows the home and away games to be even. Hopefully, the 3 sets of 8 games will limit ties for first place.

The first of these tournaments was the 1954 Indians, Giants, Dodgers, and Braves. I once played a 1954 replay in which Milwaukee pulled off a 30-game winning streak and won the pennant. That season prompted me to play a tournament between the teams listed to see how Milwaukee did against the teams that performed better than them in real life. The New York Yankees should really have been included as well, but the schedule works better with 4 teams. I chose the two National League teams that finished in front of Milwaukee over the Yankees. The mighty 1954 Cleveland Indians, who won 111 games in a 154-game season, completed the quartet, of course.

I hope in the future to play a lot of my favorite World Series teams. After four tournaments, I want to play the four winners in a tournament, then move on to other teams.

I don’t play a lot, so the progress will be slow. Once I have completed the first tournament, though, the posts will be there to cover the whole tourney. Each one after that will be on the blog to be read by whoever comes along, and it will seem like the tournament happened in one day for them.