About APBA-Baseball.com

I grew up playing APBA baseball throughout the 70’s, and I returned to it for a short time later in life. I did some playing with the 1988 and 1990 seasons. In 1994 or so, I bought the computer game. It was a DOS version back then, and I played April and May of the 1993 season. Barry Bonds hit 23 home runs by the end of May.

I don’t have that DOS version anymore, nor the 1993 season disk. I play the computer game here and there in my spare time. Mostly I do short replays with teams I pieced together with players from various years and teams.

I have done two replays adding a player I invented, whom I named Eli Schumpert. Using the player editor (ctrl+e in Advanced Draft), I changed one of the low-use players into a fun star. I gave him 1-3-4-5-6 on 66-11-33-22-44, so he has lots of power, but not necessarily lots of homers. I gave him good speed and a C31 because I like to steal. I also gave him good fielding ratings at all positions but catcher so that I could substitute him in a weak spot on any team. I did not do calculations to determine what his stats would be.

I put him on the 1954 Boston Red Sox for a season replay, and he batted .327 with 23 home runs. He scored 107 runs and drove in 103, usually batting after Ted Williams and before Jackie Jensen. I don’t have the season stats anymore. I lost them in a Windows to Mac computer transfer. I remembered Schumpert’s stats and that my improved ’54 Red Sox tied the Cleveland Indians in the replay, but lost a 3-game series to them.

I played that National League with a computer manager, and the Milwaukee Braves won 30-games in a row through the summer to win the NL pennant. I don’t think I ever played that World Series.

I enjoyed that so much that I sent Schumpert along with Jackie Jensen and Minnie Minoso to the 1971 Cardinals. To make them even stronger I added Mark McGwire from 1998. Ridiculous, I know. Jensen had been fun to play on the ’54 Red Sox, and Minnie Minoso had torn us apart whenever we played the White Sox, so I kept them for 1971. I was always a McGwire fan, even before he got on steroids. The beefed-up Cardinals won the pennant, of course.

I have fun memories from that year. Jose Cruz hit fantastic till about August, when AIM got to him and listed him as tired for a month and a half. Joe Torre hit about .320 all year, though he hit .363 in real life, but then had a huge spurt in September to reach .360. McGwire hit 74 home runs, near his real total, but Willie Stargell also hit 63! That was far above his career-high 48 that he hit in real life.

My most recent project is playing world series teams against each other. I don’t have much time for APBA baseball, which makes the computer game a real prize. I prefer the dice and cards, but alas. I do have the 1954 season plus some random teams I picked up on Ebay. I just don’t really have time for that.

In real life I am a married father of six children, a business owner, pastor, and writer. Only my youngest is still at home. One has died–the worst pain I have ever felt–but the others are grown up and thriving. I have survived two cancers, andI blogged through my leukemia experience in 2011-2012 in a blog titled “Thrilled to Death.” I have written a book telling the true story of the Council of Nicea (rather than the fantasy story in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, which he got from Holy Blood, Holy Grail, a conspiracy theory written back in the 70’s.)  I have a popular church history site, a teaching site with much less traffic, and a WordPress faith blog which is pretty well read when I am posting on it. Finally, though very close to first of all, I am one of the elders at Rose Creek Village, a Christian community in west Tennessee.



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